Choose the Dental Experts

Delta Dental of Virginia is passionate about expanding access to oral health care and that passion is paying off with over 4,000 employers providing Delta Dental benefits to 1.8 million members.1

The Delta Dental Difference: Bringing Value to your Clients' Dental Benefit Dollar

With the largest dental network in the country, Delta Dental delivers the best value for your clients with lower claims costs for employers and lower out-of-pocket costs for patients.2

Larger networks mean greater in-network utilization and lower claims costs. Nationally, Delta Dental's unique cost control measures and contractual agreements with dentists saved groups more than $9.9 billion in 2012.2

Innovative Dental Benefit Solutions

We offer a variety of dental benefit solutions that can be customized to meet your clients' needs and improve the health of their employees.

Voted #1 by Your Peers

Since 2009 when the Dental Coverage category was first included, Delta Dental has been named Best Dental Coverage in the Benefits Selling Magazine Readers Choice Awards.3

1. Delta Dental of Virginia, May 2014

2. Delta Dental Plans Association Data, March 2014

3. Benefits Selling Magazine 2013 Readers Choice Awards

Largest Dental Network in the Country

° Medical carriers aren't focused on their dental networks and often lease networks through a third party.

° Employees may have to change their dentist or pay more to see their preferred dentist

Greater Savings

° Delta Dental contracts directly with our dentists to establish fair fees. With greater access to a participating dentist, members are more likely to stay in-network and enjoy lower out-of-pocket costs.

Focused on Preventive Care, often covering 100% of preventive benefits

° Medical plans operate under a different model, focusing on treatment versus prevention.

High Delta Dental network utilization helps lower claims history and stabilizes rates.

° If the dental plan is bundled or embedded with medical, it may be subject to very volatile medical rate increases.

Count on the dental experts, Delta Dental, for the health of your clients' bottom line as well as that of their employees. We develop our benefit plans based on current dental science research designed to keep people their healthiest and most productive. Dental insurance is more than a 100/80/50/50 plan with cheap rates. While rates are a factor, service, commitment, network, expertise and long-term consequences should all be a part of the evaluation process when recommending a carrier to your clients.

1. Delta Dental of Virginia, May 2014

2. Delta Dental Plans Association Data, March 2014